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An Authorized Telus Mobility Dealer

When it comes to security, a cellular package from MicroAge - Fort McMurray & Telus Mobility is just the solution. So if it's car trouble on the highway, a sudden change of plans, or bad weather, a MicroAge Cellular phone is your handheld problem solver which allows you to keep in touch.

At MicroAge we also know how important it is to be available at all times; a lost call could mean a lost or dissatisfied client or a lost sale. At MicroAge we make keeping in touch as easy as 1-2-3!

As an authorized Telus Mobility approved dealer, we offer a variety of cellular telephones, pagers and various other communications solution products. Contact us and we'll be happy to demonstrate to you how we can help you keep in touch. For information on other telecommunications services, check out our TTM Telecommunications site.