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Zero Trust

Zero Trust is More Than Hype, It’s a Baseline

Zero trust is a cybersecurity architecture based on a “Never Trust; Always Verify” philosophy. Zero trust enforces access policies based on context—including the user’s role and location, device, and the data they request.

Leveraging a zero trust model helps block inappropriate access and lateral movement throughout the environment while maintaining visibility and control over users and traffic, monitoring cross traffic, and creating strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods that go beyond passwords.

Never trust; always verify.

Fortify Your Defenses with Context-aware Security

Keys to Zero Trust

Advanced Detection

Apply sophisticated detection mechanisms at a granular level including machine learning.

Automation & Orchestration

Establish a consistent and repeatable security operation capability.


Augment security data with intelligence sources to better understand the context and impact of an event.


Collect additional data sources like endpoint activity and network metadata to drive advanced attack detection.


Apply a standard security taxonomy and add asset and identity data.


Collect basic security logs and other machine data from your environment.

The Starting Point for an Effective Zero Trust Strategy:

Cloud-based Identity Access Management (IAM) & Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)


Ensure only the right people have access to the right resources at the right time, then layer on MFA to enhance protection and use adaptive authentication that varies based on the type and context of the access being requested.

Network Segmentation

Segment your network and make the east-west traffic more visible and protected so you can keep the bad actors either confined and contained to a small portion of your network or block their ability to get in at all.

Data Security

Know where your critical and sensitive data lives, then use appropriate access controls and encryption, and add on a proven key management system so tracking encryption keys doesn’t quickly become a nightmare.


You cannot project what you cannot see, so be sure you have visibility into all activity everywhere in the environment, whether you achieve this in-house or using a managed SOC or similar service provider.

What's your Zero Trust game plan?

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