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Cloud Security

Cloud Security Requires a Holistic Approach

Securing the cloud requires entirely new strategies compared to on-premise systems, workloads, and data. While cloud providers claim security is ‘built-in,’ you can rest assured that you assume the risk if your data is lost, corrupted, or stolen… not them.

An effective security strategy is a ‘wrapper’ that encompasses every aspect of your cloud model. Today’s environment demands that you take a proactive, aggressive, and holistic approach. That means ensuring you have protections such as encryption, data protection, and CASB to start. It also means bringing DevOps and security teams together to create shared cloud security metrics for an ‘all hands on deck’ coordinated approach.

Are you confident in your cloud security strategy?

Five Elements of a Holistic Cloud Security Strategy

1. Visibility

Get a clear view of your entire cloud infrastructure in real-time so you can secure everything.

2. Exposure Management

Limit your exposure and reduce risk, while ensuring security teams are fully aligned.

3. Prevention Controls

Ensure you have the right security controls in place, and graduate to new ones if needed.

4. Active Detection

Actively detect a breach or incident in near real-time to swiftly respond and limit your blast radius.

5. Swift Response

Launch and test your response plan to organize recovery and minimize business disruption.

3 Cloud Security Focus Areas

Identity & Access

Build a framework of policies and technologies to ensure that the right users have the appropriate access to technology resources.

Data Security

Protect your virtualized IP, data, applications, services, and everything operating in your cloud infrastructure.

SaaS Applications

Ensure your mission-critical SaaS applications are secured to protect sensitive user and corporate data around the clock.

Today’s Critical Components to Securing Cloud Environments

Our cloud-agnostic approach helps you reach optimal security performance with any cloud provider you choose.

Key Management

Centralize key lifecycle management and policy control in multi-cloud, hybrid and enterprise environments.

Cloud Encryption

Cloud agnostic encryption protects around the clock with automatic scaling as your environment and/or requirements change.

SaaS Data Security

Deploy a unified solution to protect your enterprise’s critical SaaS applications and data using the latest cloud data security standards.

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